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How would you like a nice bit of debugging action?

While at RubyConf I kept running into people who offered to show me around ruby-debug. The conference was so hectic and fun I never had a chance to take anyone up on the offer. Being naturally for anything new and different I decided to finally take the jump.

In case you are prone to narcolepsy or just plain nodding off from boredom at my writing style I would if nothing else strongly encourage you to read Kent Sibilevs excellent tutorial on ruby-debug or his article on usage with rails. It’s been hand crafted to be packed full of the juiciest bits of tutorial action. I think it’s even perfume and dye free.

So what did I think you ask? What say Chad?

After a day or so of trying it I can say I really enjoy it. It is sleek, fast and has shortcuts for debugging I find easier to remember. My impression is that the use of debugging tools in ruby/rails is a little lower than in other languages to begin with. This could easily be a testament to the power of ruby, but I’m the type of guy who still wants to pull out the microscope every now and then on my code while tracking down an issue.

Ruby-Debug gives you nice options like rdebug which lets you launch your program with the debugger, pausing execution on the first line. The standard ruby-debug require approach works much like what you are used to except for under the hood niceties. The real fun for me came when I got to the commands listed on Kent’s article. The list command to show the currently executing block is a current favorites, the simple navigation of frames, and syntax in general just feel nicer to me.

So what did we learn today kids? We learned that debuggers are cool, and more choices for debugging are even dreamier. Thanks to Kent Sibilev for writing such a rockin’ debugger alternative.

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November 8, 2006 at 6:36 pm

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