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Sessions keys and initializers oh my…

Rails revision 6198 added support for configuration of your session secret and key (following up to the cookie based session support recently added).

1   # Inside Rails::Initializer....
2   # Your secret key for verifying cookie session data integrity.
3   # If you change this key, all old sessions will become invalid!
4   config.action_controller.session = {
5     :session_key => '_<%= app_name %>_session',
6     :secret      => '<%= CGI::Session.generate_unique_id(app_name) %>'
7   }

Additionally support was added for a new folder config/initializers which is automatically loaded as part of the initialization process in 6212 and 6213.

The two example files given are config/initializers/inflections.rb and config/initializers/mime_types.rb.

I’m guess config/initializers was intended to simplify some of the config after_initialize code some apps have creeping into them requiring a variety of files.


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February 23, 2007 at 5:01 pm

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