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back it on up

In looking for better ways to back things up I ran across the BackupGem.

From BackupGem’s manual:

Backup is the easiest and most flexible backup, archive and rotate tool. It’s a beginning-to-end solution for scheduled backups in a clean ruby package that is simple use and powerful when customized. Backup allows you to specify each of the following options:

  • what is being archived (files, folders, arbitrary scripts)
  • how it’s being archived (tar gzip, bz2)
  • where the archive is going (multiple backup servers? easy)
  • how the archive is going to get there (scp, ftp, mv)
  • where is will be stored when it gets there
  • how it’s going to be rotated when it gets there (grandfather-father-son, etc)
  • how often will this process happen (customizable cycles)
  • what happens to the working copy after the process (recreate files, folders etc. restart daemons)

Get it:

sudo gem install backupgem

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November 8, 2006 at 6:37 pm

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